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Rockstar Lifestyle in Joshua Tree Not Suited for Indiana Jones

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California's Joshua Tree National Park has become a place synonymous with acid trips and "spiritual awakening," thanks to the 70s antics of musicians like The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Donovan, and the Byrds' Gram Parsons, who met his end at the Joshua Tree Inn (now trading on this legacy in hopes of a sale).

Nearby Rosa Muerta is the perfect destination for the sort of rockstars that don't exist anymore. This inky, minimalist-meets-gothic retreat is available as a short-term rental. Centered around a covered patio featuring a plunge pool and fire pit, the house itself is never quite enclosed, perfect for letting in that soothing desert breeze or one of the 25 varieties of snakes native to the region. After all, it wouldn't be rock and roll without a little danger.
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