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Meet George Jetson in a Futuristic Mountain Home

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Location: Denver, Colo.
Price: $3,800,000
The Skinny: A landmark to travelers on Colorado's I-70 highway, this pinnacle of futuristic architecture, known as Sculptured House, was erected in the mid-1960s at the direction of architect Charles Deaton. Woody Allen paid $2,000 a day to film 1973's Sleeper here—using the exterior in particular—but the interior remained unfinished until 1999, when software whiz John Huggins purchased the property for $1.3M. Huggins spent millions more undoing the damage wrought by more than 30 years of neglect and building a 5,000-square-foot addition found in Deaton's blueprints.

In 2002, as Huggins's massive renovation project wound down, he naturally began looking to unload the four-bed, four-bath property. Forbes reported an initial listing price of $10M, but current owner Michael Dunahay paid around $4M after it sat on the market for four years. Now he's trying to flip the house himself, regardless of the fact that hasn't actually put any work into it. He started off asking for nearly $8M; now, the price has fallen to $3.8M—a drop so drastic it may land the property a rightful place in the PriceChopper Hall of Fame.
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