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Oh, Baby: The Vanilla Ice Project Storyboard, Revealed!

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This just in to the Curbed National HQ: the official press screener of the season premiere of The Vanilla Ice Project, a new hourlong series in the DIY Network's fall lineup. According to the press release, "After his chart-topping hit 'Ice, Ice Baby,' Rob [AKA Vanilla Ice] turned his focus on a new hobby, buying land and flipping houses." The show will follow him as he "rides his crew hard to get through the punch list" to ready a 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach, Fla., home for sale. This is a side of Vanilla that "fans have never seen before," indeed; for instance, he exhibits an impressively encyclopedic expertise about different varieties of palm trees. "I was born with a green thumb," he explains on-camera, proceeding to complete a series of major repairs and updates to the landscaping against a running narrative of home-reno advice and a discouraging lack of music-biz puns (which, let's face it, is what the real catch is). The show kicks off on Oct. 14, but we've storyboarded the season premiere in full after the jump. Oh, and that's right: it's entitled "Nice, Nice Landscaping."

· The Vanilla Ice Project [DIY Network official site]