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Teeny One-Bedroom in San Fran Channels the Joie de Vivre

Nothing rings of Paris quite like window planters—even if they're smack in the middle of a quiet block in Nob Hill, San Francisco. As Curbed SF reports, this two-bedroom, one-bath home barely clears 1,000 square feet, but details like skylights, a gracious kitchen and a decked-out closet "nook" make this a pretty charming little pad. "You'll probably want to make reservations at Rue Saint Jacques around the corner if you're looking to seat more than two for dinner," true—but isn't the notion of living in a tiny European-style apartment kind of romantic? All in all, it's on the market for $898,000—a bargain when one considers all the money saved not flying in to Charles de Gaulle.

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