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Russian Speaker Wanted to Help Decode Baroque Decor

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You may recall a recent DirecTV "Opulence, I Has It" campaign that involves a fictitious character named Gregor, two models swathed in flaxen fabrics, a tray full of gold bricks and a miniature giraffe. It's a parody of the Russian nouveau riche, sure. But one blog searched the globe and found a likely shoo-in for Gregor's real-life inspiration.

Animal New York managed to dig up Katoga, a blog that's chock full of pics of an actual Russian-looking fella (though his ethnicity is unconfirmed) in what appears to be his natural habitat—have a look at the gallery above.

Looks like the gilded life is a reality here, as is a brazen F.U. to Modernism and fascination with carvings, shiny things, patterned prints and pronounced wall paneling. The site's in Russian, so if you've got Slavic in your blood, give us a shout—we're dying to know more about who this mystery man really is and why, exactly, these interiors appear as such.

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