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Freelance Radio Producer Stencils Sol LeWitt Repro in Bedroom

For nearly a month now, design journalist Liz Arnold has been chronicling the comings and going of a chap named Mark Phillips, who penciled, line by painstaking line, a replica of the late artist Sol LeWitt's "Wall Drawing 1211" in his bedroom. Using instructions about priming and wall-prep from gallery owner Paula Cooper, who represents LeWitt's estate (and who cheerfully called the project "sort of theft" later on), Phillips embarked on a six-month-long endeavor accelerated only by his own obsession with never leaving a square unfinished. "That would bug me," says Phillips, a freelance radio reporter and producer. "I wouldn't be able to go to sleep with it facing me." The result of his colored-pencil bonanza is this: "In the glow of the morning light, it becomes tones, not individual lines. It's like a sunrise." A lovely, poetic thought, indeed. Unfortunately—very unfortunately—Phillips may be moving due to a variety of reasons related to space and noise issues. If that happens, as New York renters know all too well, he'll have to repaint the walls back.

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