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Nate Berkus Intel From the Tip Line: Why All the Girls?

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A savvy and detail-oriented viewer of The Nate Berkus Show just alerted Curbed National to an odd factoid: in the nearly three weeks of its existence, the show has never had a single male "expert" as a guest. "I just went through ALL of the shows and they've ALL been women: every chef, every celebrity, every designer, every tech expert," he writes. It is indeed strange, considering how many men work within the design and home-reno industries. As the shrewd observer points out, though, it could be a matter of Nate steering clear of on-air competition—or a case of producers trying to "straighten him out" for a more conservative audience base. "Can you imagine two gay men together on stage? They would surely have sex!" chortles the tipster.
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