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Lonny Mag Total Game Players in Operation Dollhouse

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The Operation Dollhouse deadline draws dangerously near, which begs the question: how are our editor-in-chiefs handling their homework assignment? Have they moved back production schedules, canceled cocktail events, and pulled all-nighters to tackle this challenge in miniatures? Has all frenzy broken loose within the pristine white hallways of the Martha Stewart Living offices; is the Hearst building, with its House Beautiful and its fabric samples, threatening to collapse under the pressure?

This just in to the Curbed National HQ: a boring ol' October-issue deadline hasn't deterred the folks at Lonny, who proffered some intel when we prompted them to tell us how Op.Doll. is progressing. The resourceful gaggle of stylish girls used nail polish to "lacquer" certain pieces—a smelly endeavor, but one well worth the results—and scoured flea markets over the weekend for vintage dollhouse furniture. Editor-in-chief Michelle Adams laughed, albeit in a slightly freaked-out manner, when she came across a dollhouse-sized mug with her name on it. It must be a sign.

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