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Ten Commandments of Manhood: Lessons From Esquire's Furniture

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In this morning's New York Times feature on the Esquire Home Collection, there's the following quote from the COO of the company that distributes the line: "The product line does a really good job of capturing that very masculine furniture, dark leathers and chromes.” Continuing: "It’s men’s furniture," he says. "You don’t have to clean it up. It’s leather. You can wipe it. I let my dog lick it up.” All righty, point taken. Somewhere within the folds of these furnishings, hidden among the nailhead detail or swimming within the rocks-filled cocktails that rest atop them, lurk the clues about what "Man At His Best" really means. Clicketh the photo gallery above; the Ten Commandments of Manhood shall be revealed unto you. (If these maxims are particularly inspiring: take note that Esquire's Ultimate Bachelor Pad, a 9,000-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills, has just today hit the market for $18.9M. There's nothing manlier than a 65-inch multi-touch video wall, never mind a smokin' pile of cash.)

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