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Citrus Chatter Continues in Sunny San Fran Contemporary

We couldn't help but take not when Curbed SF posted a new listing today, a Eureka, Valley, Calif. house sporting a multi-colored kitchen. It's the latest in a growing line of chatter about citrus colors, of all things, from quince, featured on its own page in the September issue of House Beautiful (below) to "grellow," the name for a hybrid yellow-gray spearheaded by the CB2 catalog and debated ad nauseum on Apartment Therapy. Best comment (of the 66, by the way): "Grellow is awful. It sounds like some BoBo made-up boy's name—'These are our children, Grellow and Moxley.'"

Anyway, despite its apparently of-the-moment color scheme, the kitchen is somehow the most dated-feeling space in the open, airy condo—those colors can't help but recall really bad '70s-style kitchens with head-to-toe linoleum. We love most of the space, though, including the cool lime-green bathroom tile and, of course, the roof deck with sweet views of the city and the bay.

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