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If These Walls Could Talk: Studio of Charles and Ray Eames

Today Co.Design publishes a terrific feature on The Story of Eames Furniture, Marilyn and Jon Neuhart's painstakingly researched new tome that sheds light on every single piece of furniture ever created within the the hallowed hallways of Charles and Ray Eameses' design studio (above). Food for (ever so humbling) thought:
"When someone such as Yves Behar talks about a simple office chair being an 'epic challenge' that required 10 years of practice to even contemplate, they're responding to the legacy that Eames created, with their fanatical devotion to ergonomics and function. Sit in a shell chair or an Eames lounger; feel the way it seems to intuit your posture and bone structure. That's the truest statement of the remarkable process that lived in just a few rooms, in a California studio that created the modern furniture industry." · The Definitive History of the Eames Studio, and Its Works of Genius [Co.Design]
· A Brief History of the Most Important Chair You'll Ever Sit On [Curbed National]