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Eight Proustian Questions For a Martha Stewart Living Editor

It's been a while since we've asked anyone—humanoid or Ikea chatbot alike—questions from the Proust questionnaire, so when the folks over at Martha Stewart Living asked us to be a stop along their weeklong blog tour—kicking off yesterday on Craftzine—we figured it was a swell opportunity to dust off the old monocle and get to work. Herein, darling decorating editor Rebecca Robertson graciously answers eight most probing questions about virtues, happiness, misery, and more. Have a look below (then head on over to The Stir tomorrow for the next phase of the blog tour).

Curbed National: What is your favorite virtue?
Rebecca Robertson: Loyalty.

CN: What's your idea of happiness?
RR: Being surrounded by family and friends. Tip: a personal take on a party is one of the best ways to make your guests feel welcome. ?

CN: What's your idea of misery?
RR: A room with no pattern. I love to mix patterns; I will mix up to 10 patterns within the same room—it's is all about changing up the scale to make it interesting. Or, stick with a family of pattern like damask and mix them together within a controlled color palette. This is key so that all of the pattern doesn't have a dizzying effect. ?

CN: Where would you like to live?
RR: Rome—the food, the design! And while I am looking for my dream home, I will stay in the Casa Santa Brigida, a convent—yes convent—that's open for boarders. If you decide to go, be ready to have your breakfast with folks that truly are holier than thou.

CN: Who are your heroes in real life?
RR:Martha and my mother. They're both amazing teachers. I strive to do this when I produce a story, so that in the end you're not just looking at a pretty picture but you are learning how to create it for yourself.

CN: Name your favorite color and flower.
RR: My favorite flowers are peonies—they're luscious and beautiful. Right now I'm loving salmon orange; it feels bright and modern and when paired with white or blue it's crisp and clean. ?

CN: What's the natural talent you'd like to be gifted with?
RR: I would love to be a better cook—the kind that makes pastries and breads lying around all of the time!

CN: What's your favorite motto?
RR: "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple," by Dr. Seuss.

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