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Potentially Private Ski Resorts Offer Ultimate Escape From Crowds

Ski-country real estate accounts for some of the priciest listings in U.S., and in that light, it's a little disappointing that no one has gone all in and listed a private ski area. Everyone crowds into Aspen and the like, drops $20M, and then has to deal with the, er, crowds. Okay, okay, not everyone. And, sure, there's the Yellowstone Club, the now-bankrupt private playground for the rich near Big Sky, Mont., but that still involves sharing. What if you don't want to see another soul on your slopes? Buy the resort. We skipped over to the commercial real estate market and found a pair of resorts for sale, and with vastly different prices. Check 'em out after the jump, but don't forget to save some cash for those pesky operating costs.

? First up, it's Brian Head Resort, the only ski area in southern Utah and a relative deal. For $3M more than that Aspen pad, the next buyer will take over 65 ski trails, eight chairlifts, and 2,000 acres of buildable land. Though there are approvals in place for some 1,350 units, though the new owner could also just commandeer the base lodge for personal use. The town might not have the cachet of Aspen, but that means no crowds, either. Then again, if the next owner shutters the resort, they're just going to have to turn around and hire hundreds of people for the New Year's Eve flare parade—either that or invite a thousand close friends for the ultimate wintertime bash.

? If a half-billion dollars is burning a hole in your pocket, how about your own private Idaho? The Tamarack Resort, located 90 miles north of Boise, is up for sale, along with 3,600 acres of master-planned lake-front land. Founded in 2005, what the resort lacks in history it makes up for in off-season amenities, including a golf course, hiking and mountain biking trails, kayaking, sailing, a zipline, and nearby rafting. So far the price for this palatial personal pile is only being hinted at, but, considering the listing claims $579M has been invested in the development to date, we're guessing it's not cheap. Suddenly, those crowds aren't looking so bad.

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