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Imitation Chateau in Chicago Suburbs Dead Ringer For The Original

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Location: Lake Forest, Ill.
Price: $5,000,000
The Skinny: Created for the then-Ambassador to Cuba and his wife—heiress to the National Cash Register fortune—this chateau was built to mimic the great homes of Normandy. Count us convinced. In fact, this mansion is so well preserved it looks like a 1925 time-warp: brick-and-timber gate houses, grass tennis court, ivy-covered stone walls, and formal gardens. Even the indoor swimming pool, usually a tacky addition to classic homes, is original to the house. In fact, the only thing this six-bedroom, 11-bath house seems to have lost in the past 85 years is 37 of the 40 original acres. Despite the sell-off, the house exudes a stately, refined air. So how much for the rarest kind of replica? $5M, and worth every penny.
· The Historic Noble Judah Estate [Luxury Portfolio]