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How the Roof Light Doth Reflect: Excerpting Feb. Dwell

We learned a long time ago that the folks interviewed by Dwell journalists really shine when one doesn't attempt to paraphrase or interrupt them. Is there any better way in all the world's languages to say "unexpected occurrences shaped this house?" Nope! Herein, the 10 best direct quotes from the new Feb. issue:
10: "It's so hot that we just bathe in the river nearby," Blee says.
9: The tiles, with finishes ranging from heavy glazes to matte coats, offered textural variety, which brother and sister used to "play around with the idea of reflection from the roof light."

8: "Spotting beauty in contexts that are not meant to be beautiful, that's something that drives me," she says.
7: "I like to take things that are not usually used in a living environment," she says, then pauses to reflect. "It's not so much fun to go to a shop that sells furniture. It's too easy."
6: "The house is where we experiment," Andrew Dunbar says. "We weren't so much trying to go 'green' things as just wanting to be able to live in a better way."
5: "Small Ikea kitchens drive me crazy, but six kitchens' worth of Ikea cabinets can be made into something beautiful," Dunbar says.
4: "The tiles help to unify the various sections of the roof garden into one voluminous whole," Dunbar says.
3: "You do and you don't recognize the reused parts," explains Jongert. "It's simultaneous recognition and estrangement—which is what give rise to beauty, and humor."
2: "We introduced the concept of reuse structurally, yet it's already part of the lives of the clients," says Jongert.
1: "Unexpected occurrences shaped this house," he says. "For example, finding the builders' elevator encouraged us to reorganize the routing on both floor, and a mis-measured window eventually became the skylight."
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