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Three Bold New Spec Homes Take Understated Excess To Market

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Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece on one huge mother of a spec house outside Miami: a $60M private island estate reportedly toured by A-Rod. The Yankee's positive reaction caused the developers to raise the price. Has the slugger turned swami of the economy or lost his mind? We're still not sure, but we are thinking that airing a price hike in the WSJ could be bad for business. So, we set our sights slightly lower to find three stunning new builds without the celeb-adjusted price tags. They might not be anyone's cup of tea, but the power homes being built on spec these days are some impressive beasts—but things are going to get pretty absurd after the jump.

Take this brand-new five-bedroom stone manse in Aspen, Colo. (above). Currently asking $17.5M, this place focuses on features not often found in charming old mountain huts, such as a $500K audio/visual system, a 65-foot waterfall, 1700 bottle wine cave, and indoor heated swimming pool. A bold build in this economic climate, for sure.

? This Telluride, Colo. mountain home might still have some construction dust swirling around inside, but the potential is obvious. The 6,100-square-foot shingle-and-stone manse has a wall of windows that frames Telluride's famed Bridal Veil Falls just up the canyon. With five bedrooms behind the rustic facade, there's plenty of room to spread that new house smell around, and it comes in at a relative deal next to the Aspen joint: $6.5M.

? From the mountains, we move now to Southampton, N.Y., where this shingle-style number enjoys 220 feet of oceanfront, an infinity pool, expansive water-view terraces, and no lingering bad ju-ju from previous owners. At this price stratosphere—$26.9M—it's surprising no one has bothered to stage the 10,000-square-foot interior. Chances are the brokers didn't want to cover up any of that stunning ocean vista.
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