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Ten Bougiest Quotes of the Week: "Painting Spaces," More!

Welcome to our newly revamped weekly Home & Garden Index, in which we let the folks interviewed by New York Times reporters about design, decorating, and architecture speak for themselves. Through this highly exacted and carefully controlled sociological study, we hope to determine how, exactly, the other half lives. Onward to the countdown!

10: “Even a bedroom can double as a studio,” said Ms. Sander, 53. “I wanted each area to be able to be a work space as well as something else.” [link]
9: “Pure function isn’t enough for this kind of object,” because it often occupies such a prominent place in the entry hall. “There needs to be a love connection,” he joked, between you and your coat hook. [link]

8: “She caught her husband having an affair on their pool table. In court, she asked the judge for the pool table. She was asked why, since she did not play pool. She said it was the principle..." [link]
7: “With a kaleidoscope, you turn the dial and it’s a different configuration,” he said. “Here, you just take a couple of steps. It’s all about deception and perception.” [link]
6: “Corian and resin are really firm when cold, but when you heat them you can do whatever you like,” he said. [link]
5: “I don’t consider myself a developer,” he said, “but I’ve always looked for opportunities to practice what I preach.” [link]
4: “When I was 8 years old, I announced to my parents that one day I would have a store with my name on it,” said Tamara Magel, whose childhood prediction came true with the opening of her store in SoHo last week. [link]
3: "There’s been a tradition of artists inspired by wallpaper. It’s so polite. It’s domestic and cozy. You think, English country houses. You feel comfortable." [link]
2: “When a color jumps across planes, you don’t know where that color exists,” he said. There’s an illusion "that I’ve painted space rather than painted walls.” [link]
1: “The furniture should belong to the spaces, not to the walls,” he said. “Otherwise, it will kill the effect.” [link]