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New Celeb Parents Will Bring Progeny Home To These Palaces

This has been a big week for celebrity pregnancies. Between deliveries and announcements, the gossip roll was well stocked with beautiful people making more beautiful offspring. Kate Hudson—whose moody Pacific Palisades manse is pictured above—Owen Wilson, Jewel, and Orlando Bloom all shared some good news this week. Now, we've poked around to find the houses these soon-to-be-spoiled brats will call home. Of course, if their famous moms and dads want to trade up, now might be the time. After all, Brangelina sold snapshots of their twins for some $14M back in '09, and subsequently even ghosts were offering up new home suggestions. But until then, the proud, famous parents will be forced to house the kiddies in their existing mega-mansions. Boo hoo!

? New parents, here's the gold standard. Actor/pilot/Scientologist John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston finally invited the press to their Ocala, Fla. home (above) to steal a glance at two-month-old son, Benjamin. Arch Digest took a look at the house back in '05. So why Ocala for this power couple? Well for one, the Scientology HQ is located just 90 miles away, and Travolta can fly himself there every day—from his backyard. That's right, the development, known as Jumbolair, consists of luxury homes and a fully functioning jet airport. Looks like Benjamin was jet-set from birth, no?

? On Jan. 10, Little Fockers star Owen Wilson announced he and girlfriend Jade Duell were expecting. With any luck, his star progeny will be our ticket to interior shots of his solar-powered Malibu manse. The five-bedroom beach escape was built in 1982, but don't expect dated decor. Wilson commissioned a complete environmentally friendly renovation after he dropped close to $4M on the property in 2005.

? Singer/songwriter Jewel and rodeo-riding hubby Ty Murray excited '90s nostalgics everywhere when she announced her pregnancy on Tuesday. In the video above, the Alaska native details her rise from struggling open-mic performer—living in her car, no less—to platinum-album pop star. Warning: Video contains shots of her 2,200-acre Texas ranch and tired cliches about "staying grounded." Sounds a bit posed, but she's also been out of the gossip rags since her '08 marriage, so maybe it's working.

? Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom haven't commented on the rumors that Kerr gave birth last week, but Bloom has already put his home on the rental market to prepare for a new permanent house guest. The four-bed, four-bath Hollywood Hills house is asking $18K per month. Perhaps he's looking for something lighthearted for the young one, as this charcoal cocoon might bring that goth phase on a little too soon.

? Kate Hudson took her pregnancy public, even as she admitted last summer that she and and her Muse frontman boyfriend, Matthew Bellamy, were "just learning about each other." Well, they seemed to have learned just fine, and now are quickly ready to settle down. Will Hudson keep the family tradition in California's Pacific Palisades? Her mum, Goldie Hawn, bought this house back in 1979, before selling it off 12 years later. In '03, Hudson bought it back and decked it out with the help of emerging super-decorators Roman & Williams, whom you're probably already familiar with.

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