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Is Shopping at Ikea the Ultimate Depressant After a Breakup?

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Look at that poor woman (right). She's clearly recovering from a breakup! But what is she doing shopping at an Ikea store? In today's roundup of how to get over a breakup, HuffPo warns dumpees to avoid shopping solo at the Swedish furnishings chain at all costs until heart wounds have healed once more. Per the caption:
"Something about IKEA, or any store full of home decor, makes it an epicenter of breakup pain. Do not attempt to buy quirky Swedish goods without a friend with a strong back to accompany you. Something about making decisions about bedspreads or trying to load those ridiculous flat-pack boxes into your cart alone, while surrounded by adorable freshly-habitating couples, may make you horrifically sad. You have been warned."All right, point taken. We will take our displaced loneliness and bring it to Shake Shack.
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