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A $34M Lake Tahoe Estate Flies Under The Radar

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Location: Incline Village, Nev.
Price: $34,000,000
The Skinny: The $100M estate Tranquility casts a long shadow over Lake Tahoe real estate, but, if this compound is any indication, it doesn't exactly hurt to be second best. Sited on eight acres, Osprey was built in a more contemporary style than its mega-mansion neighbor, but the results are no less luxurious. The 7,100-square-foot eight-bedroom main house rests comfortably among towering old growth trees, but it's the 1,000-square-foot guest house (above) that really takes the cake. Paneled in mahogany, the guest house features floor-to-ceiling glass facing a sculpture garden and glorious views of the lake. Unfortunately, to get that little slice of lakefront heaven, you'll have to cough up for the whole estate. The $34M price might not be $100M, but its no drop in the bucket.
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