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Stephen Colbert Eschews Blankets Forever; Proposes "Coma Cozy"

Talkshow host Stephen Colbert apparently isn't so into the Slanket that made its debut yesterday on Curbed; in fact, on last night's show he denounced Slankets, Snuggies, and "getting caught in the linens department of Nordstrom" in general (that's him above languishing in a department store). "Let's fact it, the Snuggie and the Slanket were just too much work!" he proclaimed, adding, "You had to put on a pair of pants underneath them. Who has that kind of energy?" Why, what ever will he choose as his warming-yet-attractive home accessory? Enter the Coma Cozy, "a fleece sack that you just climb into and zip up effort-free cocoon living." Unlike a blanket, he notes, "if you pass away inside it, and someone notices, it can just be dragged to the curbside." The video below has the full story of this miraculous invention.


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