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Branko Lukic's Existential Tabletop May Forever Alter Eating

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Palo Alto, Calif.-based Industrial designer Branko Lukic has conceived a tripped-out world in which spoons not only carry food from plate to mouth but also "heighten our experience of taste"; and dinnerware in which we "shift the placement of the handle from the outside to the inside." Must. Process. Slowly. Anyway, today Core77 sheds light on Lukic's newly released Nonobject, which showcases his wacky twists on some very common stuff. Both the book and its exquisite still-life photography have already received favorable reviews, but it's in the short yet highly intense video supplements that Lukic really shines. Jump to check out the bowl; head over here for the spoons.


Innerware from NONOBJECT on Vimeo.

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