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Jets Vs. Steelers: Gridiron Gripes Played Out In Real Estate

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With the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers set to go toe-to-toe on Sunday for a chance at the Superbowl title, it's about time we took this gridiron showdown to the realm of real estate. The Jets might carry the biggest chip on their shoulder on the field, but Pittsburgh had to pick its punches to compete in the world of high-priced property. We thought an early NY sack was on the way, and picked some lofty price points, but when all was said and done, Pittsburgh proved itself worthy. After the jump, it's Gothic Revival vs. Modern Condo, Oakmont Village vs. Greenwich Village, Fort Duquesne Boulevard vs. Park Avenue. Sounds lopsided, doesn't it? Just wait and see.


Let's open the scoring with our cheapest duo. Clocking in at $1.2M, these are hardly bargain-basement apartments. The New York contender at 1120 Park Avenue (above) might have its fancy schmancy address and views of Central Park, but 320 Fort Duquesne Boulevard (below) has an additional bedroom, a tanning bed, a fitness room, and, crucial to our showdown, a shrine to Pittsburgh sports. Advantage: Steelers.


Next up, a backyard gets introduced to the mix at $2.75M. For the New York number, at 42 West 14th Street (above), it's a 10-by-39-foot balcony. Out in Pittsburgh, though, there's a formal English garden with twin gazebos, a swimming pool, and a tennis court (below). Normally, this one would go to Pittsburgh by default. But with outdoor space at such a premium in NYC, the Manhattan condo takes it. Advantage: Jets.


Now things are getting seriously expensive. $6.75M is the magic number. In NYC, that pile o' cash buys you a full floor at the new downtown development 57 Irving Place. Fifty feet of glass, top-of-the-line appliances, and tech features to spare make this almost a shoe-in. But wait! What's this? It's a Steel City interception! That's right, the Gothic Revival house has modern features to spare, too, yet it looks like a stately 100-year-old home. Nice trick play, Pittsburgh. What gives? It was built in 2005. Steelers for the win!

· 1120 Park Avenue [Olshan]
· 320 Fort Duquesne Blvd [Howard Hanna]
· 42 West 13th Street [Corcoran]
· 1037 Hulton Road [Howard Hanna]
· 57 Irving Place [Corcoran]
· 44 Beaver Street [Howard Hanna]