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Ten Bougiest Quotes of the Week: Van Cleef & Arpels, More!

Welcome to our newly revamped weekly Home & Garden Index, in which we let the folks interviewed by New York Times reporters about design, decorating, and architecture speak for themselves. Through this highly exacted and carefully controlled sociological study, we hope to determine how, exactly, the other half lives. Onward to the countdown!

10: But somehow, she still hasn’t gotten around to retrofitting her fireplace. Every time she builds a fire, it causes “inner conflict,” she said. “It’s a guilty pleasure.” [link]
9: “It kind of gets back to my junkyard roots,” she said. “The stuff that people throw away today is the treasure of the future.” [link]

8: A couple of blocks away, she stopped at John Derian Dry Goods. “This is where we buy our textiles for home — our linens, blankets and towels,” she said. [link]
7: “I figured out there are 17 calories in a Milk Dud,” she said. “Five and you really enjoy yourself — and only 100 calories. Fifty for a Fig Newton. Altoids: three each.” [link]
6: "You always send the nicest e-mails from the airport." [link]
5: "I would love to have my house redecorated by someone with taste." [link]
4: “Just changing a small thing, like a filament, can turn a light bulb from a standard everyday thing to something you want to look at,” Mr. Donnelly said. [link]
3: “Jivan’s room is visible from the entire space,” she said, referring to her son. “I wanted what was happening in the living room to flow throughout, not get dumbed down in his room.” [link]
2: “Designing a bathroom takes an inordinate amount of time,” said John Crowley, a designer in Berkeley, Calif. [link]
1: “A wood-burning fire in the city is a ridiculous luxury — we would never have put it in ourselves,” said Mr. Arpels, grandson of one of the founders of Van Cleef & Arpels and the former managing partner of Netto Collection, a baby furniture company bought by Maclaren. [link]
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