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Nate Berkus Lists His Apartment. Here's What He's Leaving Behind:

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Photo: Pieter Estersohn/Elle Decor

Having and then selling pricey homes seems to be a trend among celebrity decorators these days. Taking cues from those who came before him—Kelly Wearstler and Thom Filicia—talkshow host Nate Berkus has just listed his Chicago apartment. 'Twas featured in Elle Decor a couple of years ago, where he said, "I walked into the living room, saw the lake out the window, and was like, 'Okay,'" he recalls. "It was one of those times when you realize, 'This is where I belong.'" Apparently not! The nearly 4,000-square-foot space, renovated in the '40s, is now on the market for $2.65M. Now placing bets: will the place sell before execs cancel The Nate Berkus Show?

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