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Desperate Horse Country Estate Asking For Just $9K Per Acre

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Location: Lynch Station, Va.
Price: $9,900,000
The Skinny: Comprised of six houses spread over 1,130 acres of rolling Virginia countryside, the Merritt-Hutchinson Estate has been developed, by the granddaughter of the original homesteader, into a resort facility suitable for corporate retreats, weddings, and other grandiose events. That led to some unusual design choices, like the crystal chandeliers suspended from barn beams. In total, the property boasts some 37 bedrooms and 34 bathrooms, but it's been on the market for four years now without a bite. At one point, there was talk of transforming the site into a for-profit college, but to no avail. Maybe that has something to do with the property being divided up into three tracts, but we're thinking its more than likely the mish-mash of architectural styles. Still, that's a bit harsh for a property that's asking under $9K per acre.
· Merritt-Hutchinson Estate [Sotheby's]