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Silicon Valley the Setting and Inspiration For Glassy Modern

In honor of the recent CEO shuffle at Google, today the Wall Street Journal finds the world's most Silicon Valley-ish couple of all time, Olana and Zain Khan, two ex-Google execs who met at Google and whose gleaming, gorgeous modernist house takes inspiration from a little hotbed of Internet activity known as Palo Alto:
"Mr. Khan modeled the dining-room chandelier, with milk bottles hanging from metal cords, on a piece at Calafia, a Palo Alto restaurant owned by the former chef at Google. The idea for the terrazzo floor comes from a recycled glass counter at Equinox in Palo Alto, where Ms. Khan exercises. A red-and-black bamboo patterned mural on a wall in the master bathroom is similar to a design Mr. Khan saw on a poster at Café Epi in Palo Alto. Ms. Khan had long wanted a floating glass bridge like the one at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Plus, "the lights, TVs, blinds, pool, security cameras, alarms and climate controls can be adjusted from an iPad anywhere in the world." Techtastic!
· Modern Among the McMansions [WSJ]