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Sneak-Peek Chat With the Boys of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing

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We can't wait for the Feb. 3 premiere of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, which chronicles all the drama surrounding real estate agents Josh Altman, Madison Hildebrand, and Josh Flagg and their insane left coast listings—think hidden movie screens, gold Harry Allen pigs, cove lighting, grand staircases, and floating pool furniture. The online teasers are phenomenal in themselves, what with lines ranging from "Just because I am gay doesn't mean I can't fucking throw it down" to "I didn't think she'd go for that type: douchebag." Who doesn't like hearing the word "douchebag" on TV? It's rare but quite effective.

But what happens when the cameras aren't rolling and Curbed takes a conference call with the three musketeers? After the bravado and corporate speak ("You will see bigger deals, higher commissions, and very interesting characters this season. It's more about our personal lives and we know how to push each others buttons."), we got the truth.

Altman, Hildebrand and Flagg are aggressive, competitive, funny, and ready for their sound bites, no matter who's writing them. Herein, a few choice quotes from the call—and since all three tended to talk at once, it was nearly impossible to discern who said what. But perhaps that's how the magic happens.

· "There's a dog humping me."
· "Yes, you will see that on TV."

· "It's J.V. vs. Varsity."

(in response to "Who dresses best?")
· "You boys are still wearing your bar mitzvah suits."
· "Well, you're still wearing your college football ring."

(in response to "Who's the best looking?")
· "It depends on what you're looking for."
· "That's a stupid question—me, of course."
· "I have the biggest dick."

One things for sure: it's going to be a helluva season.
—Elana Frankel

· Million Dollar Listing [official site]