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Some Questions About What Happens When Hearst Buys Elle Decor

A source close to The Editor at Large has just confirmed that Hearst has finally reached a deal with French publishing giant Lagardère to buy the magazines within the Hachette Filipacchi portfolio. Meanwhile, Hearst reps maintain that the two are still negotiating and there's no official news yet. It seems, though, that after months and months of editorial changes, Elle Decor is one step closer to having a new owner. So, what does this mean? Below please find three burning questions about the fate of the most glamorous shelter magazine of 'em all.

Location, Location, Location:
When Hearst acquired iCrossing back in June, the digital-marking firm moved into the Hearst Building. But it was only recently that Hachette relocated its HQ to NYC's Time & Life Building, and it's unlikely that lease will go to waste. Our Prediction: As much as we'd love to see a Newell Turner, Dara Caponigro, and Michael Boodro power lunch in the Hearst cafeteria, Elle Decor will probably stay put.

Integrated Marketing:
The Designer Vision series, Hearst's version of a showhouse in which its various shelter magazines are paired with various designers, is four years and running—and highly successful. Our Prediction: Elle Decor participates in 2011's program alongside House Beautiful, Veranda, Town & Country, and possibly Country Living. Conde Nast's Arch Digest left out in the cold!

Masthead Changes:
ED editor in chief Michael Boodro has been rebuilding his masthead since taking the helm last fall, particularly after some staffers upped and left for Arch Digest. Our Prediction: the magazine's editorial masthead will remain largely unchanged. And it's a good thing: we just caught a glimpse of the Feb/March issue, and it's spectacular. Look for a sneak peek Monday on Curbed.

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