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Woman Returns Rescue Dog Because it Clashed With Her Curtains

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This may be the saddest story in the short history of Curbed National: in Kent, England, a woman recently rescued an adorable stray Jack Russell named Harvey and returned the three-year-old tan-and-white pup two days later. "The same day she took him home she called us up and said there was a problem with Harvey as his colouring clashed with her lounge curtains," explains the kennel owner, adding, "We told her to put him in another room, but two days later she brought him back and said she had spent a lot of money on her curtains and that she didn’t want Harvey anymore." Just a guess, but someone so tasteless probably has hideous curtains, anyway.
· 'Take this dog back, it clashes with our curtains': Callous demand of woman who took home rescue pet [Daily Mail]