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Sneak Peeks: Rosy Glow, Pinkish Hue in March House Beautiful

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The March issue of House Beautiful hits the stands Feb. 8, but their reps just sent us a preview—most certainly a boon to January's last Friday afternoon. Editor in chief Newell Turner professed his love for blue in a past issue; now, it's pink that captures his attention for the Spring Color Issue. And before you go crying Pantone—no, huckleberry did not necessarily inspire this theme. "I believe there’s a pink for every person, men included," Turner writes in his editor's letter. "Before the 1940s it was the color associated with baby boys—blue was for girls. I’m not sure why that changed, but I’ll admit I do like pink. I remember wearing pink oxford cloth shirts, starched stiff, in college, and a few years ago in Target I succumbed to the palest of pink sheets by Shabby Chic." It takes a special kind of man to admit to starching his shirts, and for going public with an obsession with pink. It's also a feat in itself to produce a magazine devoted to pink and have it come out in a decidedly non-annoying way. So big ups, Turner! Have a look at one of the features—in which pink is linked to 55 touchstones—after the jump.

"Six Degrees of Pink" (above) starts with a pink diamond that sold for $46M—"the highest price ever paid for a jewel at auction"—and weaves a labyrinth of interconnectedness that includes Christo's pink fabric installation in Biscayne Bay; Portia de Rossi's pink wedding dress and pink-diamond ring; Lady Gaga's pink-and-purple dye job; the movie Funny Face, in which Diana Vreeland's character professes a love for pink; Dorothy Draper, the focus of Carleton Varney's In the Pink; Paris Hilton, who owns a pink Bentley; and many, many more. The list ends with Kevin Bacon, "who's now developing a comedy series with—how did you guess?—writer Stevie Pink." Browse through the photogallery above for the full spreads and our zooms. As for Jayne Mansfield's pink bathroom, where she took lavish bubble baths in the '50s? File under: bodacious.

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