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The Elle Decor Theory of Stephen Drucker's Departure

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Here's the latest rumor to surface about Stephen Drucker's quick in-and-out editorship at Town & Country and Hearst's impending deal to buy Hachette, courtesy of an anonymous tipster: "Word on the street is that former House Beautiful, former Town & Country EIC, Steve Drucker will be the new EIC at Elle Decor once the deal goes through."

Well, this seems like the sort of inside-the-lines conclusion one might draw if they were to ponder why, exactly, the very fashion-y ex-Vogue editor Jay Fielden was picked to run T&C as a replacement for Drucker, whose expertise is clearly interiors.

But the theory seems implausible for a number of reasons, most obviously because Elle Decor's continued success just keeps growing. Toss this in with Gawker's just-disclosed "Barefoot Contessa" theory of Drucker's departure, and one thing's for sure: there will be rumormongering up the wazoo as Hearst begins to corner the market on shelter media.

Hearst reps stress that Drucker is only staying with with the company through the end of February (in which case the Elle Decor theory wouldn't make sense) and Elle Decor tells us that they don't comment on speculation. For the record: we at Curbed are thrilled with editor in chief Michael Boodro (and his crack team of editors) heading Elle Decor and hope the acquisition of Hachette leaves the magazine editorially unchanged. (We'll be previewing a feature from the February/March issue on Monday.)

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