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Designer Brad Ford, at Home in Manhattan

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Photographer Michael Mundy has cast his lens for publications ranging from House & Garden to Vogue. In April 2010, Mundy and his wife, Nhi Nguyen, launched An Afternoon With as "a project about people and their spaces." Here now, the duo offers a Curbed column in which they continue to explore the great many ways the people around them live.

Where is your home? Chelsea. Describe your block. Convenient. I have everything I need within a four-block radius: subway stations, bank, dry-cleaner, drugstore, movie theater, Penn Station, Whole Foods, Starbucks and three liquor stores! How long have you lived here? Around 10 years.

How did you know this would be your home? The price was right. What kind of dog is that? He's a lab mixed with pit bull—isn't he handsome? What's his/her name? Turbo. What's your favorite piece of art? I really like the graphite drawing of the horse's head. It's by a London artist named Hellovon and I find his technique really interesting and beautiful. And furnishing? Probably what I use for my coffee table. It's a 13" solid piece of teak and was made by the french designer Jerome Abel Seguin. There have been a lot of great memories made around that table. Which one stands out? I can't go into much detail, but let's just say it involved plenty of tequila and a four-piece mariachi band. If the apartment were a movie, what would be on its soundtrack? I'd say anything by Fleet Foxes. Do you entertain here? Yep, but it's usually only a handful of people gathered around the coffee table with heavy hors d'oeuvres and a number of cocktails. It's very casual, but always a good time. What time of day is your favorite here? Late afternoon around dusk. The light that comes into the apartment at that time is literally golden.

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