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Behold the Lady Who Has Shared Her Home With 113 Roommates!

The L.A. Times kicks off the year with the heartwarming story of Freda Amsel, a 78-year-old L.A. resident who has rented parts of her three-bedroom home to 113 boarders since she purchased the property in 1977. Amsel has chronicled everyone who has taken up residence with her in a self-published book called 87 Roommates ... and Still Counting, which recounts those who complained about the temperature and those who were slobs, among others. Not to mention the 29 romances and three marriages that budded under her roof. "It's become a fun game for me," Amsel said. "Who's going to show up next?" Adorable!

· Renters keep finding good vibes with Freda Amsel [L.A. Times]