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History Lesson Masquerades as Romantic Gypsy Getaway

Now that the Borat-fueled anti-gypsy sentiment has faded, the British bed-and-breakfast proprietors behind this property thought it was time to unleash the Wriggles Brook Gypsy B&B on an unsuspecting populace. Well, unsuspecting it wasn't. For one, gypsies didn't live out of the back of a wagon because it was an opportunity for "luxury camping" or a "romantic break" from their everyday lives. For another, a bow-top wagon and campfire might look great in photos, but start sharing a bathroom with the adjacent caravan and you'll start to see why this lifestyle fell out of favor centuries ago. And hey certainly didn't pay $124 per night for the pleasure of a "truly unusual accommodation." All right, as odd as this may seem, it's hard to overlook the gorgeous iron wood-stove, the uniquely painted interior, and the classic English countryside setting.
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