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Reexamining the Glorious Jersey Shore House Decorating Mania!

All right, so the new season of Jersey Shore prepares tomorrow. (Fist pump.) To rev up the crowd (at Jenks?) MTV has offered a 10-minute sneak peek, which we watched on mute so as not to spoil anything. Even with no sound, it's clear that new chick Deena is going to be a little troublemaker. It's also clear that the MTV set designers have left much, if not all, of good old Seaside Heights, N.J., beach house as it stood during the first season. And boy, oh boy, did they decorate with their eyes closed. The digs are a mix of Craigslist finds (ratty, old-looking sofas with floral upholstery), forced wall art (a huge Scarface poster, a painting of a surfboard), Teen Vogue bedroom decor (animal-print bedding and wallpaper), and every wall color imaginable (cobalt blue, crimson, full-on wood paneling). Then there's the lone tufted velvet chaise longue, which cowers by the side of the stairs on the first floor as if waiting for it all to be over. (Y'hear that, Sammi? It's chaise "longue," not chaise "lounge.") Each of the 20 shots in the photogallery above offers an interior detail to watch out for, and that's pretty much the situation.

· Watch a 10 Minute Sneak of the Jersey Shore Premiere! [MTV]