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So a Man Walks Into a Bar...and Finds His House Demolished

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What a delightful plot of dried-out lawn! Err, not so much. It's actually proof of the terribly sad fate that has just befallen a Pittsburgh man who came back from the holidays only to find that a contractor had accidentally demolished the house he had purchased for his family.

West End resident Andre Hall rescued the foreclosed 1,600-square-foot 1916 house from being demolished in November, hoping to turn it into a home for his girlfriend and his five children. Unfortunately, it appears that contracting firm P.J. Deller Excavating & Hauling never got the message to cease demolition, tearing Hall's house down and leaving him utterly hopeless. "Why did they demolish the house?" he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "They could see I had put in new windows and had slabs of drywall." Meanwhile, John Jennings, chief of the city's Bureau of Building Inspection, sagely explained, "A couple things went awry," adding, "The house next door was to be demolished, and the contractor, in error, took this house down as well." A couple things? Really? File under: unforgivable.

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