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When Auto Correct Goes Awry, Decorating and Decor Does, Too!

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In today's Daily Mail profile about predictive texting—otherwise known as auto correct—a mom erroneously switches the words "Santa" and "Satan." Heavens, no! Curious, we browsed Damn You Auto Correct, a lovable blog that chronicles the texting imbroglios on phones near and far, in search of chatter about decorating and decor. The texter here, for example, confused the word "fault" and with the word "fauteuil," which so happens to be an elegant type of upholstered armchair. Check out the full photogallery after the jump—the font size is small, but some content may not be SFW.

· 'Taking the kids to see Satan': The unpredictable hilarity of predictive texts is revealed [Daily Mail]
· Damn You Auto Correct! [official site]