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Think $60M is Too Much for a Spec House? Blame A-Rod.

Today the Journal has a feature on high-end spec houses, including the little number above, set on a private island in Miami. While it has no owner yet, what the 30,000-square-foot estate does have is a cartoonish roster of amenities: a wine room that can only be accessed via thumbprint identification, a private beach with sand imported from the Bahamas, and gold-flecked countertop marble that was handpicked in Italy. Not to mention the extremely useful selection of hidden wall art! Despite the fact that this project will cost developers Shlomi Alexander and Felix Cohen $30M, they're confident not only that they will sell it, but that they will sell it soon. So why the $60M ask? Because they toured the space with Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez, who was apparently so impressed that he convinced them to bump up the price. Serves them right for consulting someone who's got a $275M contract.

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