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Surprise! SoCal's "White Stallion" Lacks Authentic Italian Flavor

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Location: Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Price: $19,999,000
The Skinny: Just when it seems like all the ugliest houses in the world have already been sold, another one rears its head. Today's number—dubbed "White Stallion" in the listing—is pretty sneaky about its less-than-flattering interiors. Hidden at the end of a long driveway, the facade might look like an overgrown, disjointed Italian castello, but the beige color keeps it from being too offensive. Not so for the interior, where those soft tones are met by bold red leather and and some misguided maximalism. The main living spaces are bad enough, but it's the home theater that really takes the cake. There. Are. No. Words. And this is all really a pity, because on paper this hilltop haunt has the goods: 16,000 square feet on 23 acres with views down into the valley. The execution, though, leaves plenty to be desired.
· White Stallion [Sotheby's]