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Buy a Castle and Underground Caverns For Less Than $1M

Photos via The Albion Castle official site

The massive San Francisco stone structure known as Albion Castle hit the market many moons ago for $2.95M, and despite its rockstar past life—it served as a brewery during the late-1800s until Prohibition —it's had no luck selling. Now listed for $975K, Albion has 1,436 square feet of living space, including an updated kitchen and a master bath with "throne-like toilet, which plays 'Le Bon Roi Dagobert' when the seat is lifted," according to Zillow. Upping the very castle-esque street cred are the three-story tower and a trio of underground caverns that were once tapped for spring water. The property has been bid on in a receivership sale, but the listing agent certainly won't say no to a bidding war.

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