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A Loft Owned by Aaron Burr and Occupied by Jackson Pollock

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The artist Jackson Pollock may be best known for living and working in the Long Island enclave of Springs, where he eventually met his end behind the wheel in 1956. Prior to his untimely demise, the Abstract Expressionist spent some time in NYC at an apartment—we can't be certain which one—at 46 Carmine Street, the two-room home of his brother and sister-in-law. Now an apartment in that building is calling on history to make a sale. The only trouble is the broker has managed to misspell Mr. Pollock's name as "Pollack." Well, there's also the fact that the $1.4M loft measures just 800 square feet and sits on the fifth floor of a walk up. At least there's another bit of history to help justify the high price and long slog: the townhouse, built in 1827, was once owned by Vice President Aaron Burr.
· 46 Carmine Street #3 [Citi-Habitats]