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Watch an Incredible Parody of the People From Ikea Catalogs

This is just fantastic: Room 23, a short film that swept The 48 Hour Film Project, a Netherlands-based contest where filmmakers are tasked with making movies in two days. Created by Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts, and Stefan van den Boogaard, the four-minute short riffs on the picture-perfect photos of an Ikea catalog—actually intricate narratives that each tell a specific story—imagining the worries its all-too-beautiful inhabitants might face: jealousy, ennui, boredom, and so on. Today The Atlantic sits down with the filmmaker trio to learn how they masterminded this in such a short period of time. Using the furnished apartment of one of their crew members as the set, they "bought some extra decoration like candles and a vase with flowers, and most of the other stuff you see in the shot was already in the house. The funny thing is most of the furniture in the shots aren’t IKEA products." Just watch.

The video

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