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Buying a Home For $5,500 Means Getting a Bloody Mattress

In the world of mattresses, there are those who boast about their obvious and disgusting stains and those who completely ignore them. This listing falls into the latter category. Located in the down-and-out Pittsburgh neighborhood of Larimer, the four-bedroom, one-bath, 100-year-old house is asking a paltry $5,500—no, that's not rental price per month, and no, we're not missing a few zeros. While the, ah, brokerbabble does mention a "decorative" fireplace, it makes no apologies for the disastrous listing photos. Have a look above.

· Lincoln Larimer, PA [ via Lovely Listing]
· Mattress With Heart-Shaped Placenta Stain For Sale For $500 [Curbed National]