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Here, Buy a House With a Totally Private Baseball Diamond

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As October hurls toward an end, why not keep the dream alive by dropping $3.999M on a house tricked out with a field of dreams and an indoor batting cage, as well? Thanks are due to our friends over at AOL Real Estate, who dug up this Castle Point, Colo., listing as part of their roundup of mansions with absurd amenities: the 10,600-square-foot main house, on 73 acres, boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a garage that fits seven cars. It may not be quite as impressive as the white-washed behemoth awaiting A-Rod or the seemingly endless estate belonging to teammate Derek Jeter, but neither of those multimillionaire pro baseball stars can say they own their own baseball diamond. So, ha! Anyway, it's a great setup if you have kids—built-in backyard diversions and all—but then again, you'd probably have to have nine.
· Mansions With Over-The-Top Amenities [AOL Real Estate]
· 1275 Castle Point Dr, Castle Rock, Colo. []