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Five Relaxing Residences in America's Most Stressful Cities

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The top of Forbes list of America's most stressful cities is unsurprisingly populated by crowded megacities like Los Angeles—for its horrible traffic—and New York—with the highest cost of living. We have to admit that San Diego, with its warm climate, was one of the last places we'd expect to end up at number five. But despite the nickname "America's Finest City," San Diego's high unemployment rate, elevated cost of living, ozone levels, and sky-high real estate prices make it seem a lot less enjoyable than it looks. Now, the price tag on this seaside mansion, $13.5M, is almost enough to induce a coronary all by itself, but the beachfront location and spectacular ocean views make it all worthwhile, provided the next owner gets a proper interior designer to redecorate.

? The high price of comfort is just as apparent in our nation's capital. This DC flat, measuring 6,650 square feet, features casement windows, calming views of the Potomac, two balconies, and seven bedrooms. The modern interiors and four garage spaces, listed for $7.8M, will help the next buyer deal with the country's worst traffic congestion.

? Coming in at number three, Chicago shares the title of worst traffic with DC and adds high unemployment and the fourth highest population density in the US. This Lincoln Park townhouse has soothing interiors and, despite outward appearances, was built in 2006, meaning the old house headaches shouldn't be a problem, so long as the $4.75M price tag isn't either.

? NYC is proud of a relatively low unemployment rate, but the housing stock is so expensive that the out-of-work folks couldn't afford to stay. This $14M SoHo penhouse doesn't make the city seem cheap, but the cool white interiors, rooftop garden, and zen rock garden offer up a soothing alternative to the typical city life.

? Traffic. Smog. 12% unemployment. Even 266 days of sun per year can't help Los Angeles escape the top spot as America's most stressful city. This sleek modern house in Bel Air, on the other hand, could help at least one family escape some of the urban anxiety, one very rich family. The brand new $35M mansion features an 181-foot lap pool, six bedrooms, ten baths, and 15,000-square-feet of sleek modernity.

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