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Come, Let's Take a Tour of Marlon Brando's Former Home

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An opening line that L.A. Times reporter Ann Brenoff wrote in February 2009—when this place first hit the market—still holds true: "I've been waiting an entire journalism career to write this next sentence: Marlon Brando slept here." Indeed, the property is taking another swing at it. The five-bedroom Sherman Oaks, Calif., home, where the notoriously temperamental actor lived until his death, in 2004, has five bedroom over 3,027 square feet, not to mention a guest house, a gazebo, a tennis court, a pool, and a diving board made by Brando for his kids. The house, built in 1939, is currently owned by Maria Cristina Ruiz, Brando's former housekeeper and mom of a trio of his many kids. The price for living life within the same four—albeit disappointingly nondescript—walls as the legendary lothario? $1.65M.

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