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Twenty-One Offerings From the C. Wonder Housewares Line

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The first C. Wonder store opens its doors in NYC tomorrow, and since the media preview on Tuesday bloggers and editors have been in a flurry over the new retail venture by Tory Burch co-founder (and ex-husband) Chris Burch. Lucky Magazine notices that "it feels more like a one-off corner boutique than a far-reaching retailer akin to a J.Crew or Banana Republic." Marisa Marcantonio over at design blog Stylebeat describes the store as a "wonderland," advising readers to "prepare to be awed," not to mention: "delighted, amazed and ready to lug home tons of stuff since you will covet it all!" And Tiffany Yannetta over at our sister site Racked NY calls the C. Wonder flagship a "day brightener."

We'd love to break up the love fest, but, well, we've chugged about a gallon of the Kool-AId, too. From the retail space—with lime-green striped walls and a Hollywood Regency-meets-preppy-meets Dorothy Draper vibe—to the housewares themselves—bold-colored ceramic trays, graphic pillows, lacquer boxes, ikat dinnerware, and so on—C. Wonder is nothing short of a really good time. Not to mention affordable: most of the collection (which also includes clothes, jewelry, and shoes) falls under the $200 mark. The brand is expected to open stores in the Garden State Plaza (Paramus, N.J.), The Westchester (White Plains, N.Y.), and Roosevelt Field (Garden City, N.Y.) by the end of the year and e-commerce sometime within the next few weeks; in the mean time, do have a look at some of the eye-popping housewares above. And head to Racked NY for a tour of the store.
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