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This is Seriously the Most Awesome Rooftop Pool of All Time

There's nothing like a truly delicious and absurdly lavish amenity to jostle a sleepy Friday morning: this 2,181-square-foot penthouse, covered today in the Wall Street Journal, is so mindboggling that we can't help but take another look. The two-bedroom, three-bathroom Vancouver apartment, which will feature in an upcoming Reese Witherspoon flick and once played host to Owen Wilson, is being sold by the owner/developer—co-founder of Canadian Springs Water Co.— who says he's "living a little quieter lifestyle now than when I first started the project." Meaning the full-scale renovation that produced a gleaming modernist kitchen, a private elevator, and, of course, the crown jewel: a 40-foot lap pool whose acrylic floor serves as ceiling for the hallway below. Why the hell would anyone give such a property up? "[L]iving in the [penthouse] can be a little too social at times," the owner adds. (We're playing the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin over here.) Ask? Roughly $3.4M American dollars.

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