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Behold the Manse With Awesome Guitar-Shaped Landscaping

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Thanks our due to the fine folks over at Zillow Blog for brightening this Monday afternoon—they've apparently taken a break from eating Saltines just long enough to unearth a most unusual listing located some half-hour outside Birmingham, Ala. Set on 27 acres, the gargantuan manse, built in 1997, boasts 15 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a 25-seat home theater, a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, as well as interior details (antique light fixtures; marble, limestone, and maple flooring; mahogany doors and windows)—and this is proudly touted in the brokerbabble—completed by International Fine Art Conservation Studios, the firm that worked on the finishes inside Buckingham Palace. Also on the property: a guest house, two poolside cabana houses, a barn with living quarters, an outdoor riding ring, four pastures, and, we're assuming, lots more. Clearly the coolest thing about the place is that guitar-shaped landscaping, which the listing agent calls "just a whimsical, great idea," on the part of the owner, a businessman with no ties to the music biz. He's selling it like a rockstar, though, with an ask of $17.9M.

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